Pneumatic Systems

Pneumatic Systems

Pneumatic Systems
Pneumatic Systems
Pneumatic Systems
Pneumatic Systems
Pneumatic Systems
Pneumatic Systems
Pneumatic Systems

          Pneumatics is automation machines working with air pressure. Pneumatic science has emerged long before the electricity and hydraulic with the invention of the steam boilers.

          Machines operate at lower pressures than the hydraulics. Whereas the values such as 1000 bar can be reached with hydraulics, the standard operating pressures in pneumatic are between 3-12 bars. The main reason that lies behind preferring the pneumatic systems is that, they can reach very high speeds when compared to other hydraulic and electrical moving systems. Therefore they can remedy their efficiency (%25-40) with speed.



Areas of Application of Pneumatic Systems :

  • Agriculture and livestock industry,
  • Nuclear power plants,
  • Mining and construction industry,
  • Food and chemical industry,
  • Petroleum industry,
  • Stonework and ceramic industry,
  • Glass industry,
  • Metal processing industry,
  • Casting industry,
  • Mounting industry,
  • Wood work industry,
  • Paper and leather industry,
  • Textile and Shoes industry,
  • Machine and Machine Set constructions,
  • Transportation 


Advantages of Pneumatic Systems :

  • Clean
  • Easy to generate pressure air
  • Easy to store 
  • Not vulnerable to temperature 
  • High operating speed 
  • Easy overload security
  • Not vulnerable to temperature
  • No return line 
  • Simple and cheap circuit elements
  • High operating speed 
  • Hoses and pipes can be easily transported
  • No explosion danger in case of any spark.



Disadvantages of the Pneumatic Systems :

  • The compressible air reduces control and sensitivity
  • The exhaust causes noise pollution
  • Air leakage may occur
  • Extra drying and filtering may be needed
  • Difficult speed control



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