Hydraulic Power Unit

Hydraulic Power Unit

Hydraulic Power Unit
Hydraulic Power Unit
Hydraulic Power Unit
Hydraulic Power Unit
Hydraulic Power Unit
Hydraulic Power Unit
Hydraulic Power Unit
Hydraulic Power Unit

Hydraulic power units for various applications are manufactured in our workshop according to customer requests. In order to better understand the application to be made and find solution suggestion, our project& sales engineers make company visits. The details of the requests are structured as the result of the mutual discussions. The hydraulic power units according to the designated force, speed, frequency, operation order, position protection, speed stabilization and similar functions are projected by us. The power units are manufactured according to these projects.

All power units which are designed and manufactured in our workshop are subjected to leak tightness, pressure and functioning tests. Hydraulic store must not be considered as an oil chamber only. The store also serves as;

  • A mounting area, 
  • A cooling station,
  • Air-oil separation area,
  • Soli-oil separation area.
       The sheet metals of the store must be black and pickled HRP sheet metal. The sheet metal thickness must be low and both the inside and outside of the store must be dyed with double layer epoxy paint that is resistant to the hydraulic oil. 
Example store design: 
        Points to be considered at hydraulic unit stores;

  • Suction and return pipes must enter the oil,
  • The pipe ends must be cut with 45º
  • The store must be fully leak tight
  • Suction and return section must be separated with a panel
  • The inner surfaces of the store must be covered with epoxy dye
  • It will be beneficial to build an oil pan
  • All places must be accessed from the oil cleaning covers
Liquid Lubrication Unit
Any types of gear, roller and bearing assemblies require lubrication. If it is desired to lubricate many different points on the production line, special lubrication systems with large store volumes and high flow are required. Generally the working conditions ıf the liquid lubrication units used for the lubrication of iron-steel, cement, textile production lines are harder than the standard power units. The reason is that, the solid particles from the lubricating point can easily penetrate into the hydraulic system. Thus, the filtration in the liquid lubrication units must be designed well and sensitively. The continuity and adequacy of the oil must be controlled with flow meters and sensors in order to provide oil feeding without any interruption. Moreover, in order to make a proper lubrication, the oil temperature must be around the nominal temperatures and the cooling assembly must be well calculated and applied in order to the make quality lubrication without causing the oil to lose its viscosity as the result of heating. The working pressures of the liquid lubrication units are extremely high under some conditions and therefore high pressure resistant piping and components must be used; stainless steel store or piping material may also be used if necessary
 In consideration of these factors, the necessity carefully designing and manufacturing the liquid lubrication units becomes apparent. 

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